Conference topics

Conference topics include but are not limited to:
1. Inclusive Agri-Food-Energy-Medicines Production
2. Innovation on Security related to Agriculture, Food, Renewable Resources, and Natural Medicines
3. Crop for Food, Energy and Medicines
4. Development of Food, Energy and Medicines Products
5. Networking, policy development and guidelines to foster global action for Security in Food, Renewable Resources, and Natural Medicines
6. Food Security and Food Sovereignty
7. Energy Security and Renewable Resources Sovereignty
8. Putting sustainability of agriculture, food, energy, and Medicines into practice
9. Environment and Climate Change
10. Community Development and Empowerment
11. key food security issues (nutrition, price volatility, social protection, safety nets, biofuels, food safety, research and innovation, large-scale land acquisition, the “Right to Food”)
12. Seek the ways to strengthen Food production, prevent post-harvest losses through science, technology, and innovation, and Promote labor opportunities especially in the rural areas through socio and economical aspects
13. Breakthrough innovation for Rapid responses in overcoming food supply shortages, particularly, when the emergencies situation occurred
14. Manage the use of food for poverty alleviation
15. Enhance R&D network on RE technology development and utilization within the region.
16. Increase the promotion of renewable energy financing schemes.
17. Increase the commercial development and utilization of biofuels with a reference standard to facilitate deployment.